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Why Sullivan White.

Why Sullivan White.

Sullivan White is a commercial contractor in the construction sector, providing our services to a wide array of clients.

Our tailored service will give you the peace of mind that your construction projects will be completed in the most efficient way possible. Working with a larger company like Sullivan White will reduce the compliance and administrative burden of engaging with numerous smaller subcontractors, allowing you to concentrate on the most important aspects of the projects you undertake.

We’re making CIS compliance and payments easier for clients.

  • Free Company Status Audit
  • Insurance against tax status and employment attacks
  • Bespoke contract or service level agreement
  • Specialist payment management systems
  • Managed onboarding regime for your subcontractors
  • Public liability insurance for your self-employed subcontractors

Do your workers pass the test of genuine self-employment?.

When HMRC comes calling you want to know, without any doubt, that your freelancers and independent contractors are genuinely self-employed before you pay them.

Get it wrong and HMRC can levy serious penalties.

In the case of CIS, you’re looking at up to £3,000 penalty per submission – by incorrectly ticking the self-employed status declaration.

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Our Construction Industry Scheme Department can guarantee compliance with HMRC rules, and the potential pitfalls associated with engaging with a self-employed workforce.

Other Sectors

Our expert team can guarantee that companies correctly classify freelancers and independent contractors, ensuring payments are simple, compliant, and less costly.

Complete CIS Financial Liability Protection

Request a Free Company Status Audit

What they’ve said about us.

Firms across the UK trust Sullivan White to safeguard the status of their self-employed workforce, and reduce the costs associated with running workforce payments.

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Have a question about CIS compliance and payments? We’re here to help.

Our team of tax, legal, CIS and payment experts is just a phone call away.