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Compliant sub-contractor payments and employment tax services.

At Sullivan White, we provide our main contractors with a range of compliant services, taking the worry out of freelancer and independent contractor payments and safeguarding HMRC employment compliance at all times.


Complete protection for main contractors

Engaging a self-employed workforce can be a risk if you haven’t done your due diligence, and the implications can be a real drain on resources, even a small error in employment status declaration could lead to in an HMRC investigation, resulting in damaging fees and penalties

Our service guarantees compliance with HMRC employment rules, and slashes the costs associated with engaging a sub-contractor workforce.

Service features

Industry-leading support from the UK’s CIS experts

CIS management

Outsourced CIS payments

Payment and Advances

Financial Liability Protection


Subbies Paid
Your workers take home as much of their hard-earned money as possible, as soon as possible.

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Money Saved
You stay compliant with HMRC and save 100s of hours a year on payment processing time.

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Other Sectors.

Compliant payments for independent contractors

Our payment solutions service guarantees that companies correctly classify freelancers and independent contractors, ensuring payments are simple, compliant, and less costly.

If your workforce is made up of freelancers and independent contractors, you may be open to the risk of an HMRC investigation and may find that the cost of processing payments for your workforce is spiralling.

It can take an in-house bookkeeper an average of 3 days to process payments for a team of 70 contractors. That’s why our team ensures you never need an in-house resource to do this task again.

Service features

Industry-leading support from the UK’s payment solutions Experts

Self-Employed Management

Payment and Advances

Financial Liability Protection

Key Business Benefits

Switching to a CIS payment service can save you money… Here’s how

We’ve crunched the numbers and have uncovered a sizeable money drain affecting many construction firms.  Here’s what we found.  With 70 subbies on the books an inhouse bookkeeper is likely spending around 3 days a week processing the wages.  If this reflects your sub-contractor workforce, processing CIS payments is costing your business around £300 a week in admin time.

The good news is that at Sullivan White we’ve got the process down to 1 day and 41 seconds.

That’s just £91.16 per week.

This slashes the cost of engaging a self-employed workforce.  Saving a contractor with a workforce of 70 subbies £805 a month – or £9,669,74p to be precise.

What would you do with an extra £9,669,74 in the budget?



Cost Saving

Accountant backed

Have a question about CIS compliance and payments? We’re here to help.

Our team of tax, legal, CIS and payment experts is just a phone call away.