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Meet the Team.

Our Team.

Meet the Sullivan White Family…

Project Manager

Russell Sullivan-Tapp

My favourite pastime is

Screenwriting, one day I hope to be the next QT.

I can

Drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels before the cab arrives for a night out!! (Joking!)

I can’t

Stand it when people chew or slurp their food and drink out loud, it’s giving me palpitations as we speak.

But seriously

I have over 15 years’ experience in the payroll industry and having worked for one of the leading providers in the UK for over 10 years, I decided to set up a new and improved version that delivers value as well as total compliance.

Providing our clients with peace of mind gives me satisfaction that we are doing things right. I’m available on the phone day and night. You may see me on a night with clients having a good time

Commercial Director

Danielle White

My favourite pastimes are

Upcycling furniture and interior design.

I can

Organise the best party in under 2 hours!!… and wiggle my ears 😊

I can’t

Stand people with bad manners

But seriously

I have a payroll and accounting background and I am a business owner to 2 companies that specialise in Construction. Finding the best solution for someone is what I strive for, being a people person, I want to see our clients happy. I will always to my best to save them money, build their trust and put a smile on their face!

Construction Director

Kim Redwood-Lee

My favourite pastimes are

Going to gym and cooking

I can

Run a business while being a Nan, a Mum, a Friend, and a Wife!

I can’t

Say the word ‘Innovative’ … so please don’t ever ask me to!

But seriously

I am a business owner to 3 other companies, all specialising in Construction. Construction is where my heart is!

Finance Director

Laura Middleton

My favourite pastimes are

Reading crime novels and going out for long walks

I can

Organise practically anything into alphabetical, colour and size order!

I can’t

Stand messiness!!!

But seriously

I have an investment banking background and I am AAT qualified with 11 years of bookkeeping and accountancy experience. I specialise in Construction accounts and have extensive knowledge of project costing, subcontractor payments and timesheets in a large scale.


Eva Sek

My favourite pastimes are

Cooking and playing tennis

I can

Play the piano

I can’t

Stand it when people interrupt whilst watching TV!

But seriously

I am British Born Chinese who has a background in buying and merchandising for high street and international luxury brands. I Previously worked as an International Assignment Manager in Hong Kong and I am now an experienced administrator processing payrolls on a weekly and monthly basis.

I’m proud to provide our main contractors with a range of compliant services, taking the worry out of sub-contractor assignments and safeguarding HMRC legislation at all times.


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