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We are Sullivan White Protect Comply Evolve .

We are a commercial contractor in the construction sector...

Providing a range of services to a wide array of clients...

Our tailored service will give you the peace of mind that your construction projects will be completed in the most efficient and effective way possible...

Working with us will reduce the compliance and administrative burden of engaging with numerous subcontractors...

Allowing you to concentrate on the most important aspects of the projects you undertake...

By offering a unique compliance package, tailored to your industry, that slashes the costs associated with engaging a sub-contractor workforce.


We take compliance seriously. We have invested in the latest software systems to operate CIS and guarantee that all payments to our subcontractors will be made on time, every time.


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Pass the test of genuine self-employment

Compliant solutions for contractors.

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Sullivan White?

Our commercial contractor team has built an enviable reputation across employment compliance, payments and customer care, with specific recognition for its wide and varied construction industry experience.

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Compliance, guaranteed.
The UK’s leading employment status experts in CIS, employment law and tax practice.
Workers Insurance.
Public liability insurance for your self-employed subcontractors, included as standard.
Public Liability Insurance.
For all our self-employed subcontractors, included as standard.
Right to Work.
Thorough employment status checks, confirming individuals have the right to live and work here.
Free Audit.
Detailed review of working practices, contracts, policies, procedures, and handbooks.

Our Expert Team.

At Sullivan White we have an unrivalled reputation for successfully dealing with HMRC at the highest technical level. With a team of tax, legal, CIS experts and specialist status lawyers who have experience with cases from the pre-dispute stage all the way to tribunal hearings.

Meet The Team
Project Manager

Russell Sullivan-Tapp

My favourite pastime is

Screenwriting, one day I hope to be the next QT.

I can

Drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels before the cab arrives for a night out!! (Joking!)

I can’t

Stand it when people chew or slurp their food and drink out loud, it’s giving me palpitations as we speak.

But seriously

I have over 15 years’ experience in the payroll industry and having worked for one of the leading providers in the UK for over 10 years, I decided to set up a new and improved version that delivers value as well as total compliance.

Providing our clients with peace of mind gives me satisfaction that we are doing things right. I’m available on the phone day and night. You may see me on a night with clients having a good time

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Commercial Director

Danielle White

My favourite pastimes are

Upcycling furniture and interior design.

I can

Organise the best party in under 2 hours!!… and wiggle my ears 😊

I can’t

Stand people with bad manners

But seriously

I have a payroll and accounting background and I am a business owner to 2 companies that specialise in Construction. Finding the best solution for someone is what I strive for, being a people person, I want to see our clients happy. I will always to my best to save them money, build their trust and put a smile on their face!

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Construction Director

Kim Redwood-Lee

My favourite pastimes are

Going to gym and cooking

I can

Run a business while being a Nan, a Mum, a Friend, and a Wife!

I can’t

Say the word ‘Innovative’ … so please don’t ever ask me to!

But seriously

I am a business owner to 3 other companies, all specialising in Construction. Construction is where my heart is!

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Finance Director

Laura Middleton

My favourite pastimes are

Reading crime novels and going out for long walks

I can

Organise practically anything into alphabetical, colour and size order!

I can’t

Stand messiness!!!

But seriously

I have an investment banking background and I am AAT qualified with 11 years of bookkeeping and accountancy experience. I specialise in Construction accounts and have extensive knowledge of project costing, subcontractor payments and timesheets in a large scale.

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Eva Sek

My favourite pastimes are

Cooking and playing tennis

I can

Play the piano

I can’t

Stand it when people interrupt whilst watching TV!

But seriously

I am British Born Chinese who has a background in buying and merchandising for high street and international luxury brands. I Previously worked as an International Assignment Manager in Hong Kong and I am now an experienced administrator processing payrolls on a weekly and monthly basis.

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We’re making compliance in the construction industry easier for firms across the UK.

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Firms across the UK trust Sullivan White with their construction projects, and to reduce the costs associated with engaging numerous smaller contractors, or running workforce payments.

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Everything you need to know so you can deal with HMRC compliance and contractor issues like a pro.


How does the CIS scheme work?

The Construction Industry Scheme, or CIS, is a statutory tax regime that all construction enterprises must follow to avoid penalties. Contractors utilise the Scheme to withhold money from subcontractor payments and pay HMRC and Customs. Tax and NI contributions are considered advance payments.

How do CIS sub-contractors get paid?

The contractor will get an invoice from the subcontractor once the job is finished to the required standard. His contract stipulates that if a task takes several weeks, it will be paid under a “draw-down” basis. They may also be paid on a “day rate” basis, which means they are paid in arrears, usually weekly but possibly fortnightly or monthly.

What’s the difference between CIS and self-employed?

There is no distinction – in most cases, a self-employed worker in the construction industry must be paid through the CIS, or construction industry scheme.

Can I pay a sub-contractor without a UTR Number?

Yes – but they must be verified with HMRC first and will have to be paid under the higher rate of deduction – at 30%.

Do Limited companies pay CIS?

Yes, if they follow CIS rules. Incorporated or unincorporated working entities are subject to the same rules. The only exclusions are charities, charitable trusts, and school boards or principals.

What falls under the CIS scheme?

The scheme covers all construction work carried out in the UK, including jobs such as:

  • site preparation
  • alterations
  • dismantling
  • construction
  • repairs
  • decorating
  • demolition

The UK includes UK territorial waters up to the 12-mile limit.

Why must I register with the CIS?

All builders must register for the scheme. Contractors must verify subcontractors’ authenticity before paying them and report any payments to HMRC on a regular basis.

Who must register with the CIS?

CIS registration is not essential to work as a self-employed contractor in the construction industry, but if they do not register, contractors must deduct 30% of their subcontractors’ earnings instead of the customary 20%.

All subcontractors are entitled to a monthly payment deduction statement from their contractor and must complete an annual tax self-assessment.

Have a question about CIS compliance? We’re here to help.

Our team of tax, legal and CIS experts is just a phone call away.