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Free Audit.

FREE Company Status Audit.

When HMRC comes calling you want to know, without any doubt, that your freelancers and independent contractors are genuinely self-employed.

Get it wrong and HMRC can levy serious penalties.

In the case of CIS, you could be subject to a penalty fine of up to £3,000 per submission – by incorrectly ticking the self-employed status declaration.

To get your house in order ahead of a potential visit from HMRC, our FREE Company Status Audit digs deep to identify any shortcomings throughout your business and recommend the steps needed to put them right.

Stage 1

We’ll review your business structure and existing working practices, polices, contracts and procedures.

Stage 2

Next, we’ll provide recommendations to underpin your new, robust contractual terms and make sure that your workforce passes the test of genuine self-employment.

Stage 3

Finally, we’ll issue a written confirmation of your compliance demonstrating due diligence has been undertaken, mitigating penalties resulting from an employment status dispute with HMRC.

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